The GKphoto Large Print has ability to produce the high quality large print from your digital photo file at an extremely competitive price on Epson 10000 GF printer. The larger print size can be up to 44" wide by any length. We are using only EPSON genuine media and ink. Prints are made at highest printer resolution 1440 x 720 dpi and lowest speed. Also you can order any prints for any photo from our Photo Gallery

Price List
 Print Size  Glossy Paper  Premium Luster  Canvas  Adhesive Vinyl
 11x14 (or smaller)  $8.00  $9.00  $12.00  $22.00
16x20   $16.00  $19.00  $26.00  $45.00
20x30   $30.00  $36.00  $48.00  $84.00
24x36   $43.00  $52.00  $70.00  $120.00
30x40   $60.00  $72.00  $96.00  $170.00
36x48   $86.00  $103.00  $140.00  $240.00

 All prices above are for single prints only. Additional, duplicate prints are available with 15% discount. For other not listed media or any other questions send e-mail to

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